Shaheen Shivaji Nagar Branch

Engaging, educating and empowering students to seize the world of opportunities through education. Identify, tap and nurture the innate potential in every child to shape a generation. So that they lead the nation.


Integrated CET/ AIPMT/ IIT coaching.

Exhaustive Course Material.Regular Periodic Tests.

Distinctive Tests: Basic Tests, Unit Tests, Term Tests, Preparatory Exams.

Segregation of students into different batches for “Right Coaching for the Right student”.

The college has very good infrastructure to support students effective learning and stay at the campus. Spacious classrooms, comfortable Desks, Marker Boards, sophisticated labs, library, canteen, etc., are well organised and maintained.

About Us

Bangalore the “Silicon Valley and Garden City of India” is the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India. With over 1000 IT companies including more than 150 multinational giants Bangalore is one the top hi-tech city of the world. Bangalore has been a renowned centre of learning, with many famous professional colleges, high schools, colleges and universities, there are 5000+ schools & colleges, 66 engineering colleges in the district and 9 Universities. In spite of being the educational hub of Karnataka there is dearth of Education Institute which provides Balanced Education and serve in the best interest of the students.

Our Mission

To engage, educate and empower wards enabling them to seize the world of opportunities through education.

Our Vision

To identify, tap and nurture the innate potential in every child to shape a generation. So that they lead the nation.



Director’s Message

Education is not an act of acquiring knowledge but learning a skill to lead life and forming one’s personality. This is an ennobling process of growth. All students in SHAHEEN are taught the skills and values necessary for success in education and life. They leave SHAHEEN as equipped students who have the capability, confidence & hardworking nature to excel in their careers and life. Success for a PU science student is ensured with an enriched and structured academics along with cognitive learning environment for excellence in PU board and Medical /Engineering entrance examinations like CET/ IIT/ AIPMT. Over the years SHAHEEN has consistently been able to produce amazing results by providing Real Balanced Quality Education.

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Student Testimonials

Shaheen gives equal chance to toppers and also weak students, they provide special foundation classes and pay importance on weak students to improve in studies. I am very proud to be a Shaheenite.
Hamira Kulsum

1st year Student

If you want to achieve your K-CET dreams, Shaheen is definitely an excellent choice. It is a blend of quality education and Islamic environment.
Hasiba Kulsum

1st Year Student

This is the college in which students can totally stay away from distractions. It provides an Islamic environment and moulding the students in the right way.
Taher Hasan

1st Year Student

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Darussalam Building, Queens Road | Bangalore- 560001.