Shaheen Independent PU College – Mailoor

Engaging, educating and empowering students to seize the world of opportunities through education. Identify, tap and nurture the innate potential in every child to shape a generation. So that they lead the nation.


Integrated CET/ AIPMT/ IIT coaching.

Exhaustive Course Material.Regular Periodic Tests.

Distinctive Tests: Basic Tests, Unit Tests, Term Tests, Preparatory Exams.

Segregation of students into different batches for “Right Coaching for the Right student”.

The college has very good infrastructure to support students effective learning and stay at the campus. Spacious classrooms, comfortable Desks, Marker Boards, sophisticated labs, library, canteen, etc., are well organised and maintained.

About Us

Shaheen is the sum total of principles and values espoused by Allama Iqbal. The generation next would do well to imbibe the noble qualities advocated and
practiced by Shaheen as part of its broader philosophy. The governing philosophy which influences the operational dynamics at Shaheen is driven by a specific set of lofty
attributes aimed at grooming a near-perfect future generation.

Our Mission

To engage, educate and empower wards enabling them to seize the world of opportunities through education.

Our Vision

To identify, tap and nurture the innate potential in every child to shape a generation. So that they lead the nation.



Founder Message

I would like to welcome you all into the world of Shaheen by invoking the name of the almighty God, the most benevolent. Without his will and direction, we could not have reached where we have and scaled the heights which we have and scaled the heights which we have.

What started off as a visionary endeavor in a one-room tenement accommodating 18 students way back in 1989 has now evolved into a major center of academic excellence touching the lives of more than 16000 students and 500 teachers engaged in the creation of knowledge wealth from KG to Graduation levels. Apart from our mission of making quality education affordable to one and all, there’s something else that kick-started this success saga; our commitment to revitalizing the old glory of Bidar as a revered seat of learning. The historically rich district of Bidar, the erstwhile capital of the mighty Bahmani kingdom was also a center of learning for two centuries catering to students from across the globe at Madrasa of Mahmud Gawan setup in 1472. Those were the days when Bidar was at the pinnacle of glory with recognition as a great seat of learning. Today we have taken it upon ourselves to reclaim the status of Bidar as one of the finest destinations for aspirants aiming for the world-class tearing experience.
It all started when I was looking for a quality education hub for my younger sibling Abdul Hannan; my search was a futile exercise as I could not find a single standard academic institution in and around Bidar. That was the turning point that motivated me to give up my flourishing career as an engineer in the Gulf and turn into an academic entrepreneur. Modest resources, a mountain of faith on Allah Ta’ala and a strong vision to shape a world-class academic hub offering top-notch facilities were my only capital. Today all of us feel vindicated looking at this magnificent Shaheen family which is rich in knowledge wealth and constantly espouses the philosophy of Allama Iqbal.

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Student Testimonials

Shaheen gives equal chance to toppers and also weak students, they provide special foundation classes and pay importance on weak students to improve in studies. I am very proud to be a Shaheenite.
Hamira Kulsum

1st year Student

If you want to achieve your K-CET dreams, Shaheen is definitely an excellent choice. It is a blend of quality education and Islamic environment.
Hasiba Kulsum

1st Year Student

This is the college in which students can totally stay away from distractions. It provides an Islamic environment and moulding the students in the right way.
Taher Hasan

1st Year Student

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Vidya Nagar, Mailoor, Dist. Bidar - 585 401

1800 121 6235


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