Narayan Health

About Narayana Health

Narayana Health (NH) is one of the leading healthcare institutions in India with 32 hospitals in 19 locations. They have observed that some of the outstanding doctors with magic in their fingers come from deprived economic background. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), an initiative called `Udaan’ is created to identify students from economically deprived families who are academically brilliant and who aspire to become doctors. Such identified students will be sponsored, mentored, trained and motivated to achieve their aspirations of becoming doctors.

Shaheen Institutions is a recognized partner under Udaan program of Narayana Health. We are proud to associate, encourage and enable more students to realize their dream of entering medical education”.

About Shaheen Group

Students of Kannada medium, rural, Govt. Schools, Govt. Residential schools (English & Kannada Medium), Navodaya vidyalaya (English Medium) all over Karnataka state are invited to join this programme to avail total free education from Narayana Health at Shaheen. Students may email their details to

Students Details for Udaan Programme Adm. No. Student Name Father Name Gender Place School Last Attend Urban /Rural X Meduim
1 12101 Ganesh Shivaraj Male Kautha Govt.adarsh Vidyalaya R Eng
2 12078 Swatri Sangappa Female Mudhol-B Ghs Mudhol R Kan
3 12076 Nivedita Ravindra Female Mudhol-B Ghs Mudhol R Kan
4 12202 Chaitaniya Vaijnath Rathnapu Female Bidar Sri Jaiprakasha High School U Eng
5 11975 B San Tabassum Khanam B Sirajuddin  Female Kampli Bright Way School R Eng
6 12135 Shantling Basavaraj Male Dongapur C.b.gurukul R Kan
7 12834 Pooja Yewate Balchandra Female  Batgera Shrma Jeevi High School, Kolar R Eng
8 12855 Mohmmed Abdul Harish Mohmmed Abdul Zabar Male  Aurad Govt. Pu College Aurad R Urdu
9 12329 Muzhafar Ali  Noor Mohmmed Male Mudhol Adarsh Vidyalaya Rmsa R Eng
10 12246 Kiran Kumar Mallikarjun Male Eklar Govt. High School R Kan
11 12023 Manjunath  Jaganath Male Kamlnagar Dr. Channabasava Pattadev Kan
12 11938 Sangeeta Sanjeev Female Aurad Adarsh Vidhalaya R Eng
13 11744 Zohra Mohammad Nasir Female Shimoga Shree Chana Malliak U Eng
14 12571 Soundarya Kashinath Female Humnabad Basvatirata Vidyadeth R Kan
15 12384 Suryawanchi Pallavi Suryawanshi Prakash Female Aurad Dr Channabasava High School R Kan
16 12050 Mohammed Asim Ahad Md Rooaf Male Bidar Shaheen School Bidar U Urdu
17 12556 Taimeem Kousar Chandhussain Female Muddebihal Iedal Urdu High School U Eng
18 12569 Sonamma Kashinath Female Aurad Govt High School Santhpur R Kan
19 12472 Muhammed Sufiyan V A Sabjan Male Bidar Shaheen Talent School U Eng
20 12827 Sanna Sattar Female Aurad Govt. High School, Khatgaon U Eng