Hostel Facility

The hostel at Shaheen qualifies to be called as a home away from home thanks to top notch facilities and amenities. Hygiene of the most stringent standards is the watch word at Shaheen’s hostel. All the boarders are served tasty and nutritious food drawn from several cuisines in a hygienic atmosphere. Round the clock security and mentoring by doting wardens makes it a second home for students.

The hostel environment facilitates and encourages boarders to walk the ideal path and lead the Islamic way of life. The prevalent atmosphere in the hostel inspires the students to offer Namaaz five times a day (Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib & Isha) making them ideal Paanch Namaazis. The holy month of Ramadaan is accorded special status wherein considerable changes are made to the daily schedule of students. Dedicated facilities are provided for Sehr & Iftar to allow boarders to be part of the holy rituals and Ibadat. As a path breaking initiative exclusive Deeniyat classes are conducted for the benefit of the boarders. It would be perfectly apt to state that Shaheen boarders become spiritually much more aware than what they would be, staying at home.