Degree College

The Vital Platform For Boys & Girls

Shaheen came into existence with the aim of shaping an ideal seat of learning that’s accessible to one and all. Excellent infrastructure, seasoned manpower pool, best in class amenities and contemporary curriculum form the core of Shaheen. But what sets the group drastically apart is its endeavour to blend contemporary knowledge with time tested Islamic values; the same is imparted via modern methodologies to positively influence impressionable minds. As a responsible academic group with a market standing of over two and half decades Shaheen constantly reiterates its social consciousness and its total commitment to larger interests of the society. The group proudly draws out and leverages the noble values propagated by the great religion of Islam. Shaheen’s lofty ideals are manifested in the form of its students for which success becomes a way of life. A typical Shaheen student is taught to face the challenges of life with supreme confidence.