Civil Services Aptitude Test – CSAT

Test Yourself for Prelims/CSAT 2021

Test yourself in a real exam-like environment to dig out your compatibility with India’s most sought- after exam. In order to measure your potential candidature for the upcoming civil services exams, test your eligibility confronting the same.

The idea

In order to measure your potential candidature for the upcoming civil services exams, test your eligibility confronting the same.

The modus operandi

We conduct the simulated UPSC Prelims exam (online) on the same day with the same Papers of UPSC Prelims being conducted on 4th Oct.2020.  Exam schedules are as follows:



GS-I: 3.30-5.30pm (100 Qs/objective)


GS-II/ Aptitude test: 7.30-9.30pm (80 Qs/objective)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the age limit for appearing in this exam?

Ans. 20-35 years

 Q2. What will be the type of questions

 Ans. objective type

 Q3. Is it the same question paper of CSAT 2020?

 Ans. Yes, same question papers on the same day.

 Q4. What shall be the mode of examination?

 Ans. Online

Q5. Do I need to appear in examination center?

Ans. No (you can appear on our web-link)

 Q6. Duration of exam?

Ans. 2 Hrs for each pa

Q7. What would be the benefit of appearing in the exam?

Ans. The thrill of giving exam one year in advance would not only motivate you about the exam but also  helps you to understand your weak and strong areas of preparatio

Q8. What is the language of exam?

Ans.  In English only (UPSC conducts the exam in Hindi & English medium)

Q9. Who can appear?

Ans. Any graduate, Final year graduation students, any working professional (Teachers/ Engineers/ Doctors/ Group-I services employees)


RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMME                                                   


Empowering the dream careers in making…

(For 8th/ 9 to 12th/ Degree classes as per NEP 2020)

Our integrated Civil Services Course is designed to meet the future of academic challenges in the 21st century in–line with the New Education Policy 2020, which calls for a comprehensive structural change in our traditional academic scenario. Our motto is to transform the academic learning into the competitive learning of future-ready 21st century which can only happen if we start with the ‘catch them young’ spirit. Now it is a well-settled fact that the secondary level (i.e. 9th plus according to NEP 2020) is going to be decisive for most of the competitive skills of future, which is often ignored in the traditional academic learning and the excellence is limited to clear the board exam. This is a three tier programme prepared by a team of eminent civil servants and reputed scholars of India to transcend the traditional academic learning into the value based learning which finally helps them to get absorbed into their careers of choice at the earliest. The structure of the programme includes-

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