We understand that your health and well-being are of utmost importance. At our campus hospital, we strive to provide comprehensive healthcare services to ensure your quick recovery and continued wellness. Here are the key aspects of our hospital policy and services:
1. Treatment and Isolation:
– Patients on an outpatient basis are treated and followed up until fully cured.
– Sick students are isolated within our campus hospital until complete recovery.
– Strict monitoring of vital signs, timely medication provision, and adherence to prescribed diet plans are ensured during isolation.

2. Communication with Parents:
– Parents are promptly informed about their child’s illness, treatment, investigations, and diagnosis.
– Continuous communication between doctors, students, nursing staff, and parents ensures transparency regarding the student’s health status and progress.

3. Specialist Consultation:
– If needed, students are referred to specialists such as dermatologists, orthopedics, surgeons, ophthalmologists, dentists, etc.
– Parents are informed about the necessity of specialist consultation, and treatment plans are discussed with them, obtaining consent before initiation if required.

4. Continuous Care:
– If hospitalization outside the campus is necessary, a nursing staff member accompanies the student 24/7 for better care.
– Contagious diseases warrant separate isolation facilities with special care until the student is non-contagious.

5. Preventive Measures and Hygiene:
– Regular testing of water samples ensures safety for drinking and cooking purposes.
– All staff working in the mess undergo screening for communicable diseases and are vaccinated accordingly.
– Emphasis is placed on personal hygiene instructions for students and staff, with regular inspections to maintain cleanliness.
6. Laboratory Services:
– Our sophisticated lab conducts a range of basic and routine tests charged at a nominal fee.
– Experienced lab technicians collect samples on-site, eliminating the need for students to go outside for investigations.
– Prompt delivery of lab reports via WhatsApp and hard copy, with immediate notification in case of alarming results to expedite treatment.

7. Pharmacy Services:
– Our pharmacy stocks standard medicines, with detailed billing provided to students, and communicated to parents if necessary.
– Payment methods include cash or online transactions via QR code, ensuring seamless access to medications.
– Students in need receive treatment without delay, with dues collected later if necessary.

Your health and safety are our top priorities. We aim to provide quality healthcare services and support your well-being throughout your academic journey.


MAILOOR DR. DEEBA 8884115386

Note: In case of emergency contact DR. JAMEEL 9822868604

Shaheen Group of Institutions that over the year has worked tirelessly for the educational upliftment of the Bidar District has now come forward to contribute to society by playing its role in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus. At a time when the nation and the state are grappled by the dangerous second wave of COVID-19, Shaheen Group of Institutions have launched a free ambulance service to help people in distress during these unprecedented times. The Chairman of the organization, Dr. Abdul Qadeer flagged off the new ambulance service on Saturday. The service will have two ambulances with oxygen and will work 24x7 to help people. People will be able to avail the service any time of the day through call. The ambulances will take the patients to the Bidar Institute of Medical Sciences (BRIMS). The free ambulance service will also be operating on weekend curfews regulated by the state government. To avail service, people can call on +918884794444 or can contact the manager on +919164447975. Earlier, the Shaheen Group of Institutes had collaborated with the district administration in setting up two COVID-19 care centres comprising 400 beds for COVID patient