Success Stories

Shaheen is not an academic conglomerate built on traditional foundations where education is imparted as a task. But here imparting education translates into a joyful learning experience for the students. Passion is the single most powerful tool that facilitates a wholesome learning experience. Shaheen’s strong belief that every child has immense innate potential waiting to be unleashed is backed by a scientific approach; an approach that takes into consideration a child’s aptitude, ability and interest. Today, Shaheen students have created an enduring trend of cracking tough competitive exams including admission tests to professional courses. All this has been made possible due to a mix of expertise, amenities and a foresighted vision.

  • More than 90% of the identified students have been gaining admission in professional courses every year.
  • 10000+ students have obtained free Government seats in Medical, Engineering and other professional courses since 2008 setting a new record.
  • Every passing year witnesses the number of students successfully cracking competitive exams going up significantly.
  • Every academic year, the number of Shaheen students cracking the medical entrance outnumbers the students selected from all the colleges of Bidar District put together.