Identifying the shortcomings of student's right at the admission stage is the school’s specialty. The innate abilities and aptitude of students are given precedence before guiding them towards suitable professional courses. At Shaheen every child is a winner waiting to be discovered and the admission process is just the beginning of a fruitful journey. Caste, creed, religion, status and merit take a back seat as aptitude plays a cardinal role.

Our Objectives

  • Learning through Activities – Teaching modules are powered by relevant hands-on activities to drive the concept of learning more effectively and aid in all round development of wards
  • Morning Assembly – Daily assembly is organized to foster moral, human and spiritual values in students; physical Exercise is an integral part of the assembly to ensure the well being of students
  • Storytelling and story making – Dramatics and role play are leveraged to showcase tales of courage, togetherness, tolerance, love and patriotism
  • Interpersonal Communication Training – High impact communication skills training is imparted to build confidence, self- esteem and oratory abilities
  • Environmental Sensitization – Nature Walks and Picnics are organized to develop empathy and love for nature
  • Arts & Crafts Training – Hands on exposure to Art and Craft activities to facilitate creative expression
  • Instilling Competitive Spirit – Exposure to state level competitive competitions including Urdu Taleemi mela, Kannada Prabha and many more interactive programs conducted by state education department.