Teaching Faculty

Shaheen’s greatest strength is the manpower pool which powers its functionality. Seasoned faculty members with proven track records are handpicked to guide students towards success. Most of the faculty members at Shaheen have themselves been exemplary achievers in their student days. Shaheen reposes faith in the theory that only winning teams can shape winners! Teaching is just a fraction of what the faculty delivers. Identifying the aptitude of students and carefully mentoring them towards their chosen goals forms the crux of their duties. Modern teaching methodologies banking on interactive sessions are deployed for best results. Personalized attention is lavished on each and every student simply because the faculty believes that every ward is special! No wonder Shaheen’s greatest asset is its acclaimed faculty.

Some of the distinct advantages that give Shaheen students a giant head start:

  • Potent manpower pool including highly seasoned faculty.
  • Acclaimed visiting faculty drawn from all across the nation including reputed institutes like Narayana, Chaitanya etc.
  • Imposing cumulative experience of the teaching pool.
  • Impressive track records and achievements of the faculty members.
  • Goal oriented teaching methodologies.